Monday, March 26, 2012

Psychic readings by email


Would you like to have a psychic reading by email? Confidential and affordable and no tarot cards used. I am a Psychic Medium who specialises in contacting the other side bringing loved one's forward with their messages.
The reason i am offering email readings is although i do a lot of readings face to face the location is not always practical for people living in another parts of the globe, the Spirit world wants to reach out to everyone and sometimes it's just not practical to visit a Medium.

Loss of a loved one.
Career Love and money matters.
Concern for the future.
Spiritual guidance.

The above list is just some of the reasons to consult me for a reading.

About me

 I was born into a family of Mediums, my Mother was one and my Grandmother was a powerful Medium who gave readings with tea leaves, popular in those days. I knew from any early age that i had the gift of seeing and hearing but pushed it away as i wanted only a normal childhood. It was only in my 30's that i embraced my gift and began to give readings. I am also a qualified counsellor and a psychic trainer, giving periodic workshops in how to improve your psychic skills helping people to improve their spiritual well-being and for some the confidence to become a Medium. I am also a writer of paranormal fiction which i blend in with my visions of the afterlife. I have to admit that i live my life with one foot in either world on a daily basis.

What to expect.

I don't ask questions. A good Medium should not have to ask for any details other than your name. I do not require your date of birth or any other information, the less i am told the better.
Sometimes it's hit and miss whether spirits come through or not, it all depends on them literally.
Most of they time they do so it's extremely rare to get nothing. Their mission is to help you in any way they can even if it's only to reassure you in a decision you have made.

Readings by email.

The difference between a face to face reading and one by email is that you can relax and take your time you don't have to travel anywhere, all is done in the comfort of your own home. It's advisable to store your email reading away, sometimes events are told that are for the future and may not make any sense in the present, that's why it's important to keep your reading.

What you will receive in an email.

Having made the connection, i will then tune in and write what is channelled to me. I do not charge by word count, a reading is as long as it would be if it was personal, meaning that what i receive i will write down until it stops. Included in the cost of the reading is your right to reply and one email returned from me clearing up any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable afterwards. I like to think that all my clients have benefited from my readings and are not left feeling upset or confused afterwards just as it should be in the last five or ten minutes of a face to face reading.

What does it cost and what must i do first?

Having decided that you wish to have reading you must first contact me by email requesting a reading. Payment is made by PAY PAL only. This keeps the cost down and benefits you.
Once payment is made i will then give you your reading, it's as simple as that.
Cost for one email reading 25 euros